About us

Our company

Olimara is a company which offers exclusive designs inspired by the needs of women today, no matter their size or age. Ideal suggestions for those most special occasions. Original and innovative cuts that are as feminine as can be, always in cheery and flattering colours.

Their young line, ROSE, is a romantic range with distinguishing features for a chic look. Simply ideal for graduations.
The company's premises are located in Málaga and span 1,300 m2 in size.

Thanks to the efforts of the human and professional team which lies behind the company, Olimara has succeeded in winning the confidence of a large customer base that continues to grow.

Expansion plan

Olimara is currently in the process of expanding internationally thanks to the continuing growth of its salesforce. The brand is already present in a number of countries including Portugal, the UK, Germany, France, Austria and more, with Italy and Ireland among the most important countries for the brand. Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Finland and Canada are among the latest additions. Canada in particular deserves a special mention owing to the surprisingly warm reception that the brand has received there.

Multibrand boutiques continue to place their trust in the dedicated performance of Olimara, which each season brings resounding success through innovative collections and excellent customer service. Thanks to their excellent after-sales service, they have won the trust of all their customers. At present, there are more than six hundred multibrand boutiques which stock Olimara, both within Spain and abroad.

Moreover, Olimara also has seven stores of its very own in the Spanish region of Andalusia, located in the cities of Málaga, Jaén, Granada and Córdoba, with more stores planned for different cities across Spain in the future.

“Olimara brings each and every woman closer to the trends and garments that best encapsulate their style.”