When browsing our website, we may collect information relating to the flow of traffic on the website and to visitor patterns within the pages of our domain. This information will be processed via cookies (small amounts of information in the form of text files which the Page places on your computer or device when you visit it).

The purpose of cookies is to personalise your access to the Page in order to improve your browsing experience and the operating conditions of the website.

Here at OLIMARA, we comply with that set out in the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act which implements European Directive 2009/136/CE, known as the Cookies Act..

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer, tablet, mobile telephone or on any other kind of device that you use in order to browse the Internet and it stores information pertaining to the frequency with which you visit certain websites, as well as your browsing preferences, the information that most interests you, your usernames, saved products, etc.

In our case, the cookies that we use on our website do not collect any information which can be used to identify you personally.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be categorised into the following different types:

Session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser while persistent cookies remain stored on your device.

Own cookies or third-party cookies. Depending on whether they belong to the owner of the website or to a third party.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Cookies from Google Analytics and Google Maps:

These are third-party and persistent cookies.


This type of cookie is normally stored in your browser the first time you visit our website.

If the cookie is deleted via the browser and you then return to visit our website, a new _utma cookie will be created with a different unique ID.

This type of cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our website and it is updated for each page view.

Moreover, this cookie provides a unique identifier which Google Analytics uses in order to ensure the validity and accessibility of the cookie as well as an extra security measure.

Two years from installation or update.
shop.olimara.es_utmbThese cookies work together in order to store information about activity on your visit to our website and the length of your visit in particular.30 min

This type of cookie is normally stored in your browser the first time you visit our website.

It records how you arrived at the website: e.g. directly by entering the domain address into your browser, via a link, via a web search or via an advertisement. This cookie is updated every time you visit our website.

Six months from installation or update.
google.comNIDGoogle MapsPersistent
google.comKhcookieGoogle MapsSession

Our cookies do not identify you personally; they simply provide us with anonymous, statistical information about how you browse our website; nevertheless, you have the option to deactivate and block cookies via your browser settings if you want to.

For this purpose, Google has developed a Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on which is available for the most common web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. This will prevent Google Analytics cookies from being installed on your device. Visit the following link for more information: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=es

Session Cookies

PHPSESSIDStandard php cookies used to control maintenance of the session and to confirm that the user has accessed the website correctlyExpira: Fin de la sesión.

How do I reject cookies?

You can configure your browser to accept or reject the installation of all cookies or a particular type of cookie, or to notify you whenever a cookie is placed on your device.

The process for doing this is different for each web browser. Below are some links which contain information and instructions for the most common browsers:

Internet Explorer:

Version 5: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/196955/es

Version 6: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/283185/es

Version 7: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-ES/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

Version 8 and later: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-xl/internet-explorer/delete-manage-cookies#ie=ie-8


http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042?viewlocale=es_ES http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677?viewlocale=es_ES



Mozilla Firefox:






Windows Phone:




If you would like additional information as to how to change your cookie settings or to administer your preferences, visit the web portal Your Online Choices Your Online Choices.

What happens if I disable cookies?

If you choose to block or disable cookies, then it is possible that some of the services offered by our website which require the use of cookies will be disabled. This means they will not appear or function on our website and you will not be able to make full use of everything that our web pages and applications have to offer. It is also possible that the general functioning of our website may also be impaired.

Do we update our Cookie Policy?

We may update the Cookies Policy on our website from time to time and so we therefore recommend that you review this policy every time you access our website in order to make sure that you are adequately informed as to how and for what purposes we make use of cookies. This Cookie Policy was last updated on 27 January 2014.